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An End-to-End Enterprise Commodity Solution

True Cloud offers a Custom Version of NetSuite and WeighPay for the Waste and Recycling Industry

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True Cloud ERP is an Oracle SDN and APN Partner for the world's #1 cloud ERP, Oracle NetSuite. Oracle NetSuite and WeighPay were designed to fit any commodity-based organization's operational needs.

This edition offers thousands of hours of development work creating new modules (SuiteBundles) for Oracle NetSuite. Using NetSuite's SuiteScripting and SuiteBundles True Cloud was able to create an out-of-the-box configurable solution for any organization that buys and sells a commodity.

True Cloud has created new modules for NetSuite:

  • A Custom Connector to NetSuite for each True Cloud client
  • Custom designed Wrapper in NetSuite for WeighPay Transactions
  • Dispatch and Bin Management Module
  • Master Agreements for Suppliers and Customers Module
  • Freight Management Module
  • Pricing Management
  • Inventory Module

The inventory module specifically addresses the unique needs of the scrap metal industry and its complex inventory processes as it pertains to the re-classification and re-costing of items when completing inventory regrade and transfers.

The WeighPay apps are used at the scale workstations to capture inbound and outbound commodities. Accessing the Master Agreement that manages Suppliers, Haulers and Customers contracts in NetSuite pulls the commodities, prices, and freight rates on to the inbound or outbound transaction where weights and images are collected and this data is sent back as a fulfillment to the contract.



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True Cloud uses SuiteTalk Web Services

SuiteTalk is a SuiteCloud Platform technology that leverages CSV, SOAP and REST web services to integrate NetSuite with a variety of on-premise applications and third-party cloud environments. SuiteTalk can be used to build website-to-NetSuite integrations or create lightweight custom mobile applications.

Whether your architecture calls for direct-to-API application integration, or you have an existing investment in Integration Software, SuiteTalk paves the way for exchanging any data element, workflow process or transaction to create a seamless, unified business management solution.

Key Benefits

  • Supports NetSuite's core ERP, CRM and eCommerce products.
  • Exposes programmatic access to NetSuite data and business processes from external systems.
  • Enables real-time transactional and master data integration.
  • Leverages existing skills such as Microsoft .NET or Java development.
  • Includes robust error handling and standards-based security.

Key Features

Standards-Based Integration

  • All NetSuite records and custom objects can be accessed by third-party applications using standard APIs.
  • Supports account-specific customizations based on custom records, fields and business logic.
  • SOAP web services support integration to NetSuite using Java, .NET or any other development languages running on SOAP-based clients.
  • REST web services provide integration to NetSuite from any platform that supports the REST architecture style, including broad support for CRUD operations.

Comprehensive Error Handling

  • Sophisticated error handling helps ensure robust, reliable integrations.
  • Supports strongly typed custom fields with automatic validation based on the field type.
  • Returns exceptions on a record-by-record basis.

Powered by a Robust Security Model

  • Manages web service requests via NetSuite authentication, authorization, session management, and encryption capabilities.
  • Supports Token-Based Authentication.
  • User access to web service operations secured by role-based privileges.
  • "Web Services Only" role ensures that only authorized users are able to access SOAP web services and data.
  • Granular security is optionally configurable on a per-field basis.

Learn More About True Cloud ERP

Learn more about our unified business management suite for the scrap metal and recycling industries. True Cloud offers a powerful cloud-based scale front end and cloud-based accounting ERP back end solution that helps you manage your scrap business from anywhere, 24/7.