NetSuite Supply Chain

Supply Chain Planning

Easily balance demand and supply throughout your supply chain using a combination of techniques and strategies

The supply chain is the lifeblood of the operations for virtually all distributors and manufacturers, particularly for global businesses. A poorly run supply chain means missed customer order shipments, excess inventory in the wrong places, and increased costs—resulting in disgruntled customers. The good news here is that the cloud can take geography out of the equation so that inventory is visible regardless of where it is located.

Supply Chain Control Tower

NetSuite has been working with customers to understand better how they run and monitor their complex supply chains. The Control Tower Snapshot provides a global time phase view that summarizes your current and future inventory position across our entire global supply chain.

This feature provides the ability to see projected inventory along with any demand or supply that affects it across a time horizon and throughout the supply chain in a way that makes it easy to identify potential issues.

Key Capabilities:
  • Actively monitor your inventory, demand, and supply across your entire global supply chain
  • Time phased view to help identify future imbalances in demand and supply
  • Filter results by Subsidiary and Location
  • Drill-down into transactions to take action
  • Export entire grid to excel for further analysis
Supply Chain Control Tower - Snapshot

Demand Management

NetSuite’s Demand Planning module offers several ways to calculate and predict demand based on historical demand, open opportunities and/or manually entered or imported sales forecasts. Whether you want the system to review monthly or weekly demand and generate forecasts using moving average, linear regression or seasonal average calculations you will have the ability to review and edit the forecasted demand before proceeding to supply planning. Optionally you can have the system create demand based on sales forecasts.

Key Capabilities:
  • Analyze Historical Demand
  • Incorporate Sales Forecasts
  • Update by CSV Import or web services
Demand Management

Supply Management

NetSuite’s Demand Planning engine controls the processing of balancing demand and supply. Once demand trends have been evaluated and the plan created, the supply planning process kicks in and tries to generate a purchase, work and transfer orders based on the many settings found on the item record. Period of Supply, Lot for Lot and Fixed are amongst the methods used to determine the number and size of the orders generated, while also looking at consumption, time fence and reschedule in/out parameters.

Key Capabilities
  • Planned vs Actual Orders
  • Multi-Location Supply Planning
  • Vendor Management

Logistics Management

True Cloud offers an add-on module Built-for-NetSuite that includes Recycling industry-specific features for Bin Management and Dispatching

A single-unified Dispatching solution automatically connects assets (containers, trucks) to available drivers, Master All-in-One Contract for suppliers/customers/haulers where product pricing and freight pricing are included in the dispatch order that is pushed to the WeighPay scale application where weights and images are collected for inbound and outbound loads.  WeighPay will push each line item back to NetSuite as a contract fulfillment and payments.

Key Capabilities
  • Bin Inventory Management
  • Allows for fast Drops, Swaps and, Pickup
  • Assign Jobs to 3rd Party Haulers 
  • Hauler and Freight Management

Learn More About True Cloud ERP

Learn more about our unified business management suite for the scrap metal and recycling industries. True Cloud offers a powerful cloud-based scale front end and cloud-based accounting ERP back end solution that helps you manage your scrap business from anywhere, 24/7.